Women’s History Month? Every day should be women’s day!

Did you know that the month of March is dedicated to women’s history? Women’s History Month dates back to 1981, whenever Congress passed Pub. L. 97-28, which authorized & requested the President recognize the week beginning on March 7th, 1982 as Women’s History Week, which later in 1987 became Women’s History Month.

Are you familiar with Elizabeth Blackwell? She was the first woman to ever earn the M.D. degree. Blackwell graduated from New York’s Geneva Medical College in 1849 and was ranked first in her class. Following graduation, she worked in clinics in London and Paris for two years, and studied midwifery at La Maternité. In 1857, Blackwell helped open and establish New York Infirmary for Women and Children which is now known as Lower Manhattan Hospital.

South Baldwin Obstetrics & Gynecology has been providing complete women’s healthcare for 30+ years. At South Baldwin OBGYN, our goal is to continue to expand the works of those before us like Elizabeth Blackwell and continue to provide the best quality care for our patients.